My name is Mike. I am a retired high school English teacher living in a medium sized town not far from Toronto, Canada. I am married with two daughters and a dog. I spend a lot of time using my iPad to explore the world. I read web sites covering a wide range of topics. Much of what I read inspires me to think and to formulate opinions. I intend to use this blog to share those opinions. It is my intention to post articles about once a week unless something comes up that I feel needs a more immediate response.

As far as opinions go, I do not like the word “blog”.  I think it is an ugly word. I will try to use it as little as possible. In fact, I think I will use the word “Journal” instead. How’s that.

Please feel free to comment. I would like to think that people are actually reading my journal.

Hope to hear from you.


5 responses to “About

  1. Looking forward to reading your entries, Mike 🙂

  2. Hello Michael,
    About two years ago I came across an original painting at an Ottawa garage sale. It is a landscape scene and signed Norman Goble, 1969, in good condition. I don’t know if the artist would be related to you, although some minor research pointed me in (potentially) your direction. I was wondering if it could be familiar to you?

    Having someone’s original work always stimulates interest in who they were, so I hope you don’t mind the curiosity.

    A photograph of the painting is at the link below. Thanks very much for your time, Darren

    • Hello Darren,

      Thank you for your enquiry. The creator of that painting is probably my father. In 1969, he was living in Ottawa. Although I don’t remember that particular painting, oil painting was a hobby of his. As far as I know, he never sold any of his work so that painting would have been a gift to a friend. My father passed away in August at age 90 after a busy life that had him travelling all over the world. Let me know if you want to know more.


  3. Hello again. Having taken a closer look at the painting, the signature on the painting is definitely that of my father. Thanks again for getting in touch.

  4. Michael, thank you for your time and information, it’s incredible to know some of the story about your father and this work. I’d love to know where this scene was (if painted of a literal place) but of course that may remain a mystery. It’s a great work with lots of paint, it’s really a three-dimensional work. I have a few closeups here http://imgur.com/a/Gb4gi#0

    I found your father mentioned online and I have to say, an inspiring life. I always feel there’s always an essence of the humanity that goes into the creation of a work that remains with it in some way. It’s special to be in the presence of that, no small thing.

    Thank you and of course keep in touch anytime if you wish. D

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