Regarding facts and opinions

Facts are raw materials. Opinions are manufactured products. Between the fact and the opinion is the machinery of our mind. Facts become opinions by being processed through this machinery which is strongly influenced by our life experiences.

Let me follow this line of thought with an exaggerated and fictitious example.

My kindergarten teacher taught me that two plus two equals four. Although I am a child, I am well aware that my teacher does not like me. Therefore, anything that my teacher tells me is suspect. The big question in my mind becomes, “Is two plus two always four?” My opinion – Two plus two equals four is a theory, not a fact. Now if you are into quantum mathematics, you will tell me that we can only postulate that two plus two equals four. But that’s a whole other ballgame.

My main point is that the opinions that we hold are strongly influenced by what we already know, or think we know. Opinions are also influenced by our perception of the credibility of the source of the facts. And our perception is also an opinion.

The bottom line is that the survival rate for facts cannot be high considering all the odds against them.

That is why President Obama will have a hard time pushing his gun violence initiatives. That will be the subject of another journal later on.

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