Regarding life with dogs

We have lived with at least one dog in the house for more than 20 years. We can no longer imagine life without dogs. They add unlimited fun and affection. In the first picture, Our dog Brandy, a miniature poodle and our daughter’s dog, Bella, a toy Manchester Terrier are on sentry duty. We tend to have squirrels visiting our back yard and the dogs consider this trespassing as an act of war. Eternal vigilance is necessary to protect our territory.

Watching for the enemy!

Watching for the enemy!

As you can see in the next image, the enemy has been sighted. Brandy is standing tall and Bella is actually airborne. If I open the door, they will launch at warp speed and drive out the enemy in a matter of seconds.

Enemy sighted. Attack mode engaged!

Enemy sighted. Attack mode engaged!

Once the enemy has been routed, the fearless warrior dogs will return to their post to guard against another rebel incursion.

One response to “Regarding life with dogs

  1. Animals are amazing, any kind of. Thanks for sharing this moment. Katia.

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