I am retired. My life consists mainly of reading and eating, hence the name of this blog, Indigestion. I eat, and I digest. I read, and I digest. Sometimes what I eat causes indigestion. Sometimes what I read gives me indigestion. The ideas that come up most often will be the fodder for this site.

What I will be writing about here is exclusively my opinion. We read facts. We digest them. We turn those facts into opinions. Sometimes, the resulting opinions bear very little resemblance to the facts that inspire them. In any case, all of us like to share our opinions. And this is what I am doing here.

This blog was born at 5:10 am on Saturday, January 19, 2013. I had been up to let the dog out and was lying there waiting to fall asleep. Somehow, that was not happening. All kinds of ideas were running around in my head and I was thinking about how I would like to share those ideas. I remembered a blog I had been reading the night before. I decided I would give it a try, and here we are, just a few hours later.

It is my intention to share with you, things that I find interesting and/or important. I want to provoke discussion and the sharing of ideas, so if you feel the urge to comment, please do.

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