The Tree

The world of nature, obviously, is all around us even in the heart of a city. But sometimes, the works of man seem to take precedence.

The Tree

The tree spoke to me
I did not understand
The tree sighed for me
And gestured with its leaves
The tree shook at me
I could not comprehend

The bird spoke to me
The message was not clear
The bird sang to me
And shook its feathered crest
The bird flew from me
I could not know its mind

The stream spoke to me
Its words I could not grasp
The waters danced for me
And rippled round the stones
The stream flowed from me
I could not sense its pain

My car roared its invitation
I sang with jubilation
I drove with exultation
Its power, my inspiration
More speed, my motivation
The city, my destination

The works of man, abomination.

A Cycle

Ideas for poetic content just come out of the unconscious mind. I suppose everything is inspired by a conscious experience but then it is manipulated somewhere out of the realm of conscious thought.

A Cycle

The cloud smiled at me
As it drifted serenely past

The tree whispered to me
As the leaves danced in the breeze

The stream chuckled at me
As the water played in the rocks

The wheat field waved to me
As the wind hastened its pace

The campfire crackled and danced for me
As the logs gradually turned to ashes

Night gently descended on me
And wrapped me in its velvet blanket

Many creatures sang to me
Their chorus filled the dark

But then . . .

Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance

Lightning flashed and ripped the heavens asunder

A swirling monster with a freight train roar

Smashed and crashed and churned and crushed

The morning sun rose with sadness and gazed upon the ruins

Gaia had spoken . . . She was not amused.

The Autumn Leaves

As a complete change of direction for this site, I have been encourage to start writing and sharing my poetry efforts. Things are a bit rough around the edges but you have to start somewhere.

The Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves are free, descending
Hesitant, uncertain, searching
For their final resting place

Dancing to the summer breeze
Their life of bending, twisting, turning,
Now a fading memory

Life they gave while fresh and verdant
Life they will give lying below
Dust to dust the endless story

So it is for all who live
Bound to this eternal round
Between the sky and earth below

Do we choose or do we follow
Swept through days of sun and shadow
Kindred to the autumn leaves.

6 great features coming to both old and new iPhones this week in iOS 8

Finally a rational discussion of features of two competing operating systems.

First Look: 2015 Volvo XC90 to set a new standard

Now if I had $85,000 to spend, I’d be hard pressed to choose between this car and the Tesla Model S. They both look like great vehicles.

New and Used Car Reviews, Comparisons and News | Driving

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — All too often, a car that’s billed as being all-new really is not — the majority of it may have been tweaked or reworked, but seldom is it overhauled from bumper to bumper. The Volvo XC90 is the exception that makes the rule. Everything from the styling to the platform and powertrain choices is totally new, as is the company’s infotainment system.

Stylistically, the new XC90 will not be mistaken for anything other than a Volvo, although the front LED daytime running lights (nicknamed Thor’s Hammer because of the shape) add a bejeweled look to the front end. The curvaceous tail lights do the same at the back end.

Any and all similarities to previous model end right here.

For starters, the XC90 rides on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform that was developed in-house. A full 40 per cent of the structure is made of ultra-high…

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Robin D.G. Kelley: The U.S. v. Trayvon Martin: How the System Worked

Robin D.G. Kelley: The U.S. v. Trayvon Martin: How the System Worked.

“In 2012 alone, police officers, security guards or vigilantes took the lives of 136 unarmed black men and women — at least twenty-five of whom were killed by vigilantes. In ten of the incidents, the killers were not charged with a crime, and most of those who were charged either escaped conviction or accepted reduced charges in exchange for a guilty plea.”

The American justice system worked the way it is designed to work and the design is seriously flawed. Unfortunately, they way it works is heavily weighted against a significant percentage of the population. In Florida, you can shoot to kill even if retreat is a safe and viable option. Zimmerman was allowed to claim self defence even though he provoked the confrontation.

Unclean at Any Speed – IEEE Spectrum

Unclean at Any Speed – IEEE Spectrum.

I hate to break this to you but the movement towards greater use of renewable resources is anything but green. The article that I have linked to here is quite depressing. It demonstrates quite clearly that from cradle to grave, manufacture to disposal, an electric car pollutes our world far more than a standard car with a gasoline engine. Alberta’s tar sands project gets a lot of criticism based on destruction of the environment and pollution of surrounding areas. It would appear that and electric car is more damaging to the environment than a car fuelled exclusively by gasoline obtained from the tar sands. Please read the included article to find out why.